Our goal for support is to build awareness through strategic messaging.

(a) Personal contact within Garden Catch extended networks.
(b) Our Social media groups including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
(c) Local media including newspaper, other print messaging, radio, and TV.

 We will conduct regular usage in person and virtual meetings (Workshops) to educate our users on the app and app features. Follow us on social media to find out where and when these events will be happening.

A community workshops will include demonstration of app use, providing assistance and support for listing their items. Assist all participants in entering the virtual marketplace.

Lead a user forum discussion with an invited subject matter expert (SME) at each
event covering subjects such as tips to promote agricultural businesses; utilization
of the app to save via purchasing; promotion of local products to gain customers;
connecting with health service organizations etc.

Discuss app specific topics to advance usage: feasibility of app use in their
community, the ease in using the app, and the App contributing to more profitable
connections, etc.

Provide regular communications that will include key advice and learnings from each
meeting and continuously providing encouragement and tips on engaging and profiting
through the virtual marketplace made possible through the Farm Fresh 24/7 app.

Any questions or comments please direct to our support ticket system. Support

We will be pleased to assit you with anything we can help with. 

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