Farm Fresh 24/7 Stewardship Centers and Helping Hands

In a time of need. Here at Garden Catch LLC, we are fanatical about providing our users the very best. The very best garden, farm raised products and goods all from the very best providers. To ensure that you are getting the very best from the Farm Fresh 24/7 app we offer our FF24/7 Helping Hands program. Who are the FF24/7 Helping Hands? They are specially trained, vetted users who assist other users with all Farm Fresh 24/7 application technology needs. Our FF24/7 Helping Hands will assist with the following:

- Downloading application

- Setup profile

- Taking Photo of product

- Uploading, labeling product and description

- Education Workshops

We choose our community users for this position.

Reach out to us for a user that is helping to contribute to the cause.

If you would like to participate in The FF24/7 Helping Hands Program please reach out to or .

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