Community Guidlines

Community Guidelines 

                                                                      All users are expected to have read and understand the Terms and Conditions.

We are a free provider or vehicle for the purpose of buying and selling local veggies, fruits, plants, meats, seafood, homemade goods, local food vendors and services related to these items.

Keep it clean, keep it respectful: All users will exhibit Integrity when using Garden Catch LLC (Farm Fresh 24/7 App) and every post will be suitable for all users.   We will remove any post or reply that includes derogatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or inappropriate content of any kind.  Always interact with other users respectfully.

Adult content, Drugs & Alcohol, Animals, Weapons and Other Dangerous Items, Spam, Breast Milk, Pharmecuticals, and Miscellaneous Items that are not appropriate are PROHIBITED!

Be honest, be yourself: Every catch requires trust and all users to be accurately and fairly represented when using Garden Catch. Attempts to deceive or defraud users are simply NOT TOLERATED!

Respect the privacy of others: You must rightfully own anything you intend to sell or swap on Garden Catch. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for stolen items. Remember, items you post must be yours to sell. Negotiate prices in good faith, and do not list items at a price at which you do not intend to sell. Garden Catch LLC (Farm Fresh 24/7 App)is not to be used to lure, stalk, or unlawful action towards other users.

Help look after our community: Be mindful of your actions when using Garden Catch ( Farm Fresh 24/7 App). It is your responsibility to understand the Terms & Conditions, Community Guidelines, and the law where you live. If you view something that doesn’t seem right then please notify us. Garden Catch LLC (Farm Fresh 24/7 App) ask all users to report anyone that has exhibited suspicious, illegal, offensive or harassing behavior. WE FOLLOW THE LAW AND SO SHOULD ALL USERS.

The goal of Garden Catch LLC (Farm Fresh 24/7 App)is to encourage growth and sustainability in local communities by making it possible to access your fresh catch near you. Community Guidelines have been established to assure Garden Catch LLC (Farm Fresh 24/7 App) is an easy, family-oriented, safe community for all users. 

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