Our Story

Tom ritually grew a garden every spring as a hobby. All the neighbors grew gardens and shared their vegetables. This year he decided to plant Heirloom tomatoes. Tom grew some tomatoes in his garden and is really proud of this year’s harvest. Beautifully grown Heirloom Tomatoes. Now Tom wants to share them or sell them. The Options Tom has been that he can go to the local produce market, street corner, or talk his friends and neighbors about his harvest.

The other side of the story…...


Jim lives on the other side of town and is tired of buying his tomatoes from the grocery store. He tries to buy organic and local but the grocers do not offer where they are grown and by whom usually. He doesn’t have time to grow his own garden. He knows home grown is the best. What are the options? He can drive to the local famers market or to a street corner to buy this produce. He there can put a face to where his tomatoes came from and feel comforted that this is truely local and a real garden catch.


One day an entrepreneur that enjoyed the same things Tom enjoyed and the same things Jim enjoyed came up with an idea to bring Tom and Jim together in one easy place to save time and build comfort knowing where to go to make this transaction easier. Making every gardener a way to show off their harvest and share what will be an ideal garden catch.

Hyper local gardening. Support local substainability. Get with your local growers and support them.

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