Garden Catch LLC, a small SC business, provides a solution via an application
software using the latest mobile technology to facilitate a single avenue market for fresh local
produce and services. Garden Catch LLC ( Farm Fresh 24/7 App) can provide significant economic and social benefits to the
development of communities by connecting users in their respective local area to buy and
sell fresh foods to ensure growth with the local food system. Users can use the app with their
mobile device through their cellular providers instead of being reliant on broadband internet to
find what is available locally using a filter that can set a radius from 1 to 100 miles from the
device itself using Geolocation services. This tool allows the users to connect, view, and
communicate via chat or phone call.
Some features included in this app are easy to use for both the producer and consumer. Simply
start by snapping a picture that will create an ad listing, describe it, and set price or choose to
donate or sell an item then post. Buyers can search using the categories for listings of the item or
items to buy. Users can review and rate their interactions and monitor their listing with the built
in insight tool which will keep the playing field fair in respect to pricing, quality, and
quantity. Mobile technology has quickly become the world’s most common way of connecting
and the Farm Fresh 24/7 mobile app is an innovative solution that supports the economic growth of
local and regional food sustainability.

Investors: Please contact for opportunities.

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