EBT SNAP Online Interest Sign up

Available Late February Early March.

The SNAP Online merchant criteria are individual producers of agricultural products that
sell directly to the public.
These are farmers who grow or raise the majority of their own
products (as opposed to buying from other suppliers, or wholesalers) and the majority
of their sales are made directly to the public by means of farmers’
markets, road side farm stands, U-Pick It, or a CSA program.

Farm Fresh 24/7 Online Benefits:

1. One-on-one assistance with the USDA SNAP Retailer Authorization to obtain an FNS number.
(Required for non-retailers)

2. Online platform and technical services valued at more than $1,400.

3. Technical and training support using our customized workshops
(online or in person).

4. 1-year subscription to the e-Commerce platform (Farm Fresh
24/7)  including a 1-year subscription to Online PIN
processing services for accepting SNAP Online.

5. On-going communication, platform maintenance, and security updates
are included with subscription.

6. Option to add integrated Credit/Debit Processing through Farm Fresh
24/7 Stripe processor.

7. Seamless process on one e-Commerce platform.

Sign up today.

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Subject line "EBT SNAP"


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